About Us

Nutr-x offers premium nutritious foods with quality nutrition for the growing babies, toddlers kids and even adults.

We want the best for your kids, that's why we strive to provide
the absolute best nutrition.




Our Promise

We are committed to providing the best possible nutrition for the baby's growth by including quality ingredients in our products that have added nutritional benefits.

We bring you peace of mind by working hard every day to ensure that our foods are safe and of the highest quality. All our products are certified after passing all the food safety testing before they are released for sale.

Our products contain high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and all nutritious ingredients which are known to be important for healthy growth.




Core Values


to continuously improve our products and our capabilities.


to act ethically and demonstrate exemplary business conduct


to create trusted and enduring relationships with our customers, colleagues & communities


to exceed the expectations of our customers


to create value for our customers and shareholders.





We have adequate facilities for wide distribution of the products all over Pakistan.

Our well equipped and qualified distributors ensure timely and smooth delivery to the pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.





Head Office

Banglow # 41-J/1, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S.,
Rafi Shamsi Road, Karachi - Pakistan
Tel: +92 21 34383366-7 Fax: +92 21 34383368





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